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Q. What is ECAT?

Many students decide what kind of university they want to join. The university is chosen based on location, facilities, faculty, status and education. It is sensible to know that a law student would go to a university that caters the department of law, and an engineering student would go to a university that caters the department of engineering. However, before joining the university, there are specific examinations which a student must clear for entrance. For engineering students, they must pass the Engineering College Admission Test, otherwise known as the ECAT examination.

The ECAT examination is a standardized test, held every year, for engineering students who want to enter into an engineering college. The test contains four sections. These sections include, Physics, Math, English and any optional subject such as Chemistry or Computer Science or Statistics. The ECAT, like the MCAT and BCAT, is in a multiple choice question format. Each section contains 30 multiple choice questions except for the the English section which has only 10 multiple choice questions. It is interesting to note the fact, that the English format differs from university to university. For example, in Pakistan, the format for UET in the city of Lahore is different from the format for NUST. Each multiple choice question is of 4 marks in total. If a candidate gets, let us say, one wrong answer, then she or he will be rewarded with one negative marking for that wrong answer. In total, the marks which the ECAT holds is 400. Like any examination, bringing mobile phones, calculators, hand bags and staplers to the examination are not at all allowed. What a candidate can bring, however, is a photo ID (so they must bring their national ID card or passport), their admit card and a black ball pen.

The ECAT examination is an important examination for many engineering students who have decided to follow the path of engineering. It is not an easy task, which is why the ECAT was created, that is in order to find suitable future engineers for technology as technology is the most significant thing in our loves now and not to mention a lot of money is made in the technology department.



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