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Q. what is the CSS examination in Pakistan?

The Central Superior Services, also known as the CSS, is an elite bureaucratic authority that runs civilian operations and is also involved government secretaries, directorates and the Cabinet of Pakistan. Because the CSS is permanent and is a big responsibility, the Federal Public service Commission, otherwise known as the FPSC, held the CSS examination in order to choose the right members that appropriate for the task.

The CSS examinations are held annually around the whole nation, and, as such, candidates must be citizens of Pakistan or their nationality must be from the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Men and women must not be passing over the age of 28, however, in 2017, it is suggested that the age limit will increase to 30. Candidates must have 14 years of education, but this too is said to increase to 16 years in 2017.

The CSS examination s are divided into four parts, written test, medical test, psychological test and vice voce. The written test is further divided into compulsory and optional subjects, each totaling to 600 marks. An aspect of the optional subjects is that only one must be chosen among the seven groups, as long as the subject contains the marks required from the groups.

The examination is not at all the piece of cake, it is extremely competitive and difficult, and only a few are chosen. An example is when only 8% of the 19000 candidates were chosen in 2011. Since those chosen would have to bear a huge responsibility on their shoulders. The CSS is a very important authority that must be aware of their nation’s affairs as well as have great knowledge on how to identify and handle it. otherwise, disaster might stir up if not so.

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